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Trish Stratus
18 December
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My real name's Trisha Stratigias, but everyone knows me better for my wrestling name of Trish Stratus. I'm just an ordinary girl from Toronto with big hopes & dreams, and an exstrodiary job! Which makes my life anything but normal. I started wrestling in about March of 2000, & I love the bussiness. There are a bunch of nice people working there and a bunch of well,... not so nice people. I've been WWE Woman's Champion 6 times, and I can't wait to have my hands on the belt again. This isn't like cutting a promo, this is all my crazy life as Trish Stratus the character you all know and love...or hate

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Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde originally brunette
Eye Color: Hazel

Disclaimer:I'm NOT the real Trish Stratus. I Don't know her, don't own her,& I haven't even met her. This is a game and not meant to offend anyone that has to do with Trish Stratus...ext